Athlete Software Solutions  (AthleteSS)

Athlete Software Solutions is a SaaS (software as a service) company.

We provide software solutions by combining the latest technologies with our passion and experience to
deliver the best value to our clients.

Our newest product AthleteSR is aimed at sports professionals working in high performance sport fields,
to get them more organized with simple software solutions that are easy to use and help them with
scheduling, management & monitoring.

Always striving towards perfection!

At AthleteSS we believe that smart, inventive and enthusiastic people can develop fantastic things.
Our staff is highly educated and dedicated to finding the best possible solutions in accordance with your needs.
Our employees embody the company’s values: excellence, integrity and dedication.

Client first!

From the beginning to the end, rest assured our products are built with the
Client in mind. We believe in good cooperation and relationships and we always
open to suggestions, thougths and feedback from our Clients.

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