Our team is translating accumulated knowledge into practical tools that are valuable to all sports professionals

Knowledge & Experience Come First

We analyze sports performance by gathering data from the everyday experiences of professional athletes and top experts in coaching and translate that knowledge into usable data. This data helps us better understand any sports activity, and develop digital tools to help coaches, managers, sports scientists, athletes, and other sports professionals bring their top game to the table.

Pushing the Boundaries with Digital Tools

We’ve come up with amazingly simple digital solutions that will make life easier for any sports professional out there, change the way they think of their workday and bring the performance of their athletes and teams to the next level. That’s our contribution to sports!

In this process, we are using the best and the most common technology (like smartphones everyone already has or Excel-based sheets), so that our products can immediately be accessible to everyone who wants to advance in their field of expertise.

Promoting Career Through Specialized Community and Networking

Sharing knowledge and opportunities is actually how we started. We understand that connecting with like-minded people that are not near you sometimes just isn’t possible, so that’s why we’ve created a platform for all aspiring sports professionals out there.

Our products allow people to connect, share, to hear from the top world experts about the best practice in their field of expertise. We are here to delever you knowledge – courses, tutorials, books, research, interviews, and the latest development in sports – through the most suitable digital channels.

We create opportunities for all sports-related professionals to advance their careers in every possible way, to find a job opportunity, or to simply become the best they can be in their field.

Our Team

We are very goal-oriented, and we strive to be precise, original, and to the point.

Our team mostly consists of sports analysts, scientists, and coaches that dive deep into gathering and interpreting data from athletes and coaches, while designers, developers, and quality testers are here to bring to life all ideas that we come up with.

We have Mladen Jovanovic at our core, being the esteemed sports professional himself, everything is filtered through his vast knowledge, while the process of execution is mostly being handled by Mihailo Tomic, the CEO and co-founder of Athlete Software Solutions.