Bringing all sports professionals closer together and advancing their development is what got us started and what motivates us to always go that extra mile.

Sport is Advancing - So Must We!

What made the world (and sport) progress so fast?

The answer is – development & application of new technology. To keep up, we gather all relevant experiences and conduct research relevant to sports professionals. The result is the development of innovative new apps and digital tools for our members – making everyone’s professional life a lot easier.


Providing Exclusive Materials to Motivate Professional Growth

Complementary Training members have access to a humongous database of all sorts of superb materials necessary for reaching the next level as a sports professional. We’ve provided plenty of cutting-edge courses, books, articles, and training programs, saving our members’ time and money and enabling them to always stay on top of their field.

Being that knowledge is the tool of our trade – we’re here to provide it!

Optimizing Career Options

Staying connected with colleagues generates the perfect platform to learn, grow and find what’s best for professional development.

We know employment doesn’t just come by. We are offering content for sports workers of all levels and have integrated members’ resumes and job boards within our platform. This creates surroundings for career advancements and makes it easier to find the best suitable job or a perfect candidate your organization is looking for.

Our members know that the best career opportunities are just around the corner!



See what top experts say about AthleteSR

Dan Baker,
President, Australian S&C Association

“Complementary Training is a must-read website for any strength & conditioning coach, but especially those who work with mixed sports such as field sports (soccer, rugby, NRL, AFL, hockey), court sports (tennis, squash, basketball, ice-hockey), or intermittent short-duration sports (fight sports, surfing, etc.). Do yourself a favor and read it!”

Michael Boyle,
Strength and Conditioning Coach

“I love reading the info on the Complementary Training blog. Mladen has developed an international perspective that few in the world can match. The best info from Europe, North America, and Australia are featured all in one space, Complementary Training website.”

Mike Tuchscherer,
Reactive Training Systems

“Complementary Training is a simple idea, but most groundbreaking ideas are. The thought of methods, techniques, and styles as complementary instead of opposition is refreshing. But even more importantly, I’ve found it to be very effective in real life.”

Martin Buchheit,
Sport Scientist, Physiologist and S&C Coach

“I like the energy of Mladen to challenge a broad range of topics, using both an evidence-based approach and his critical mind in Complementary Training blog”