With the tools&apps we’ve developed you’ll reach
a new level of advancing your athletes and teams.

Research, Analysis & Inovation


We dive deep into sports research and analysis to better understand the full extent of the training process and athlete performance so that we can upgrade it further.


Connect with your esteemed colleagues, share and publish your work, utilize the latest tools, courses, experiences, find a perfect job or a candidate. In other words – we’re making it easier for all sports professionals out there.


Through research and cooperation, we develop brand new digital tools and apps to solve your everyday problems and make you more efficient at your job.

Get Familiar with Our Brands

We’ve developed a network that gathers sports professionals of all levels. This enables all our members to learn, share, publish and follow the latest development in their respective fields.

Most importantly, you can connect and resolve every and any issue that comes along, become better and more efficient at what you do.

AthleteSR is a powerful scheduling, team management, and survey application, aimed at assisting coaches, performance managers, and other sports officials to get organized, and collect & analyze data from their athletes.

It is the easiest and the smartest solution you will ever need for teams of any size!.

Our Clients Come from all Fields of Sport

Sports professionals of all levels – coaches, managers, sports analysts and scientists around the globe – benefit from our products in various fields of sports.

Advancing Sports Performance

Through Use of Modern Technology

Our team is translating accumulated knowledge into practical tools that are valuable to all sports professionals for becoming better at what they do.


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