We’ve integrated everything that any sports professional would need to successfully and effortlessly manage any number of athletes and sports teams of any size.

Balancing Resources and Reducing the Effort

A team should function as a single entity, yet it consists of many (often) quite different individuals. Coordinating all athletes to achieve top results is what separates the best coaches from the rest. Even then, their personal experience of keeping track of every little thing that separates their team from all the others was – it can often be overwhelming, time-consuming, and challenging.

We analyzed all relevant factors that can distract a coach or a manager from successfully handling a team, regardless of the specific sports activity their team’s engaged in. When we’ve studied all results, we concluded that several factors can really help reduce the time, the stress, and energy of any coach or manager, that they can subsequently invest in focusing on the crucial aspects of their team’s success.

We’ve integrated all this into a single app – AthleteSR.

Powerful, Simple & Easy-To-Use

The best solutions are always simple, so we’ve made AthleteSR very user-friendly and as intuitive as possible. Input all relevant info with a single click or a drag, creating a data-driven and very visual environment in which any team member can easily navigate and any team can thrive.

Features Necessary for Success – All in a Single App


Organize athletes and staff members into multiple teams and groups within your organization.


Training sessions, meetings, games surveys, check-ups, and subjective athlete ratings.


Integrated real-time email and push notifications with a single click will keep athletes and staff members informed of all upcoming events and event adjustments.


Construct custom surveys with the AthleteSR powerful survey builder. Combine various types of questions with ease to get the desired report template.


Create a data-driven culture to get to the core of what’s needed for your team’s future improvement.


Synchronize collected data with 3rd-party apps (e.g. Power BI or Tableau) to visualize, analyze, and combine all relevant data components.


See what top experts say about AthleteSR

Dylan Hicks,
College Track Club

I’ve been trialling AthleteSR for just over three weeks and the feedback from my athletes has been extremely positive.
The simplicity of setting up the training calendar along with using the wellness or sRPE surveys has streamlined the training design.
AthleteSR allows me to receive important information about the athlete prior to arriving at the session, which aids in the planning process. It adds another element to my programme and provides useful data and information for the coach.

Miljan Nikolić,
Cibona Basketball Club

I’ve been using AthleteSR for a few months now. It’s a great app that saves me a lot of energy and time. All our staff and players are synchronized. We can have all season planned and it’s all in one place, easily accessible for everyone, wherever we are! Having right info at the right time! Priceless!
Option for different surveys, which I can design on my own, gives me very important data about team status. The fact that everything is so simplified and fast makes it even more amazing. “Any fool can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple” – Woody Guthrie

Milovan Knežević,
Čukarički Football Club

A practical and very productive application that significantly facilitates the work of any coach. With AthelteSR, I can manage multiple teams, groups, and athletes; schedule events and create surveys with ease; gather much-needed data from my athletes.
I am always synced with my coaching, medical and performance staff. We are all very well organized inside the app so everyone knows their schedule and can access the information that they need.
AthelteSR support team is always available, whatever I needed them, which is also a great thing.
I highly recommend this app for clubs and organizations of any size!

Aleksa Bošković,
Kazma Football Club

As S&C coaches and sports scientists, we constantly search for apps and tools to save our time and make our job easier. AthleteSR is something that has priorities in my work. Without the papers and “catching” the athletes after training, now I can collect sRPE, Wellness or any kind of data from them in just a few clicks.
One of the main benefits of the AthleteSR is that we have a few options regarding data collection. Athletes can use their mobile phones to fill out the surveys, or we can simply use tablets and Kiosk Mode to gather data directly from them in the locker room.
AthleteSR comes with two prebuilt analytics dashboards which are really time savers. Still, besides them, I can easily visualize the data and create any kind of custom report in Excel, Power BI, R or Tableau via the sync link that AthleteSR provides. I really love this app!